Carla Attenborough

Artists Statement

My objective is to create landscapes as color field studies. I am interested in the dynamic interaction of colors and the moods they evoke, and also the idea of connectivity. Embedded within a painterly landscape structure is a separate series of color intersections creating luminous color play. These create a separate yet connected interior space within a larger painting. These landscape structures are further fractured and yet unified by the separate multiple wood panels which joined together create the images. Often the landscapes are merely suggestive and highly abstract. Each painting has the tension of interplay between the landscape and the abstract color field embedded within. Mark Rothko’s work was very influential for me and I create walls of color which envelope the viewer in atmosphere and energy. These works are studies of the exterior world of landscapes fused with my personal interior world of the color interplay and ephemeral imagery. I strive to capture a spiritual moment of powerful color and transcendental space.